Trantek MST Product Overview

Trantek MST makes a range of software, hardware and integrated products to control and manage infrastructure. These products are intended to simpify the task of a systems integrator in delivering a solution to their customer.

AMT-5: Fault-Resilient Integrated Control Environment

The AMT-5 family of products is Trantek MST’s system for integrated control system environments, including tunnel control, rail onboard and rail wayside.

The AMT-5 system is fully digital with support for redundant networking and multiple controllers, with low-cost cabling. This allows delivery of highly reliable systems with reduced systems integrator design and development requirements.

VMT-5: Stand-alone CCTV Network Control

The VMT-5 family of products provides control of digital CCTV networks by operators using keyboards and programmatic access through protocol gateways, API interfaces and standardised interfaces such as OPC.

Time displays and time servers

The Timeapp range of products provides network time servers using GPS time sources and clocks suitable for control room and station use.

Additional Features and Customisation

Trantek MST regularly adds features to its products to meet customer requirements. Please contact us if your project has specific additional requirements.